About Collaboration and Coordination of Activities
of Ukrainian Research and Academic Networks Operators

Українська оригінальна версія
Ukrainian original version

February 6, 2004


Operators of Ukrainian research and academic networks

hereinafter – Parties,

stating the goals of

taking into account

being guided by

have concluded and signed the agreement herein constituting:

Section 1. Collaboration in the provision of information and telecommunication services

1.1. Parties pertain their operational independence and rights of Legal Entity according to their Statutes and current legislation. Collaboration depicted in the Agreement herein does not limit their individual activities and does not grant the right of interference with their operational and commercial activities or of making any decisions for or in relation to other Parties.

1.2. Parties undertake to recruit new users from Ukrainian scientific, educational and cultural institutions to collaboration and to connect them to existing research and academic networks.

1.3. Parties conduct regular meetings to discuss current and future collaboration and development.

1.4. Parties inform each other about existing and newly recruited users from scientific, educational and cultural institutions of Ukraine. Specifically, Parties will inform each other about their existing and newly recruited users such as

Parties, at their own discretion and taking into consideration the aims of the Agreement herein, also inform each other about the existence or appearance among their Internet users of

1.5. Parties inform each other about their pricing policies and pricing. Any changes in pricing will be discussed by the Parties. By mutual consent Parties may introduce common price limits for their services or adjust current prices taking into account regional price fluctuations.

1.6. Parties by regular consultations abstain from actions, which can worsen the conditions of service provision in the market segments where other Parties act and endeavour not to make actions which limit fair competition.

1.7. Parties inform each other about the necessity of outsourcing. Top priority under similar conditions has to be given to other Parties.

Section 2. Coordination of technical solutions and development activity

2.1. Parties undertake to strategically act in the direction of the creation of the National information infrastructure for education and science with a wide range of services.

2.2. Parties inform each other about the necessity of installation and lease of any new elements of the research and academic network infrastructure (data channels, routing and channel equipment, access to the Internet etc.). Parties will act in consultation with each other to consider the possibilities of joint use of such infrastructure based on shared contributions in equipment, work and other expenses to optimize the infrastructure and minimize the net spending on its installation and maintenance.

2.3. Parties show preference to projects dealing with construction of their own maximal possible bandwidth infrastructure in and between cities.

2.4. In case the Party provides Internet services to commercial users it will use separate channels and address space for the research and academic segment of the network and the commercial users' segment. These segments may use peering channels.

2.5. Parties coordinate their grant demands and state financial support demands to development of national-wide research and academic network of Ukraine and endeavor to create conditions for their common realization.

Section 3. Joining and leaving the Agreement

3.1. The Agreement herein enters into force from the moment it is signed by all Parties.

3.2. Alterations (additions) to the Agreement are introduced upon consensus of all Parties.

3.3. New Parties can join the Agreement upon consensus of all Parties.

3.4. One of the Parties is assigned to be the Depository of the Agreement whose function is to safe-keep document.

3.5. The Agreement is signed in one original copy only and is kept by the Depository of the Agreement. The Depository gives to all the Parties the photocopies of the Agreement as well as alterations (additions) to it certified by the seal of the Depository.

3.6. The Depository of the Agreement is "Centre for European Integration" Ltd.

3.7. Any Party can leave the Agreement giving the Depository a thirty days advance notice before the date of leaving. The Depository informs other Parties about the exclusion of a Parties within ten days.

3.8. The Agreement is cancelled either upon the consensus of all Parties' or in case the number of the Parties is fewer than two.

Signatures of Parties

for Charitable Foundation "Internet Users Foundation"
99011, Sevastopol, Nakhimov ave., 2
Tel. (0692) 55-97-61, fax 55-54-77,, e-mail:



for Charitable Foundation "International Centre of Telecommunications KS-Net",
01024, Kiev, Bogomolets str., 4, off. 403
Tel. (044) 253-28-00, tel./fax 253-66-19,, e-mail:

Chairman of the Board


for State Enterprise - Scientific and Telecommunication Centre "Ukrainian Academic and Research network" of the Institute of Condensed Matter Physics of NAS of Ukraine,
79011, Lviv, Sventsytsky str., 1
Tel./fax (0322) 76-84-05, 76-84-01,, e-mail:



for JSC "Kharkiv-Online",
61002, Kharkiv, Frunze str., 13
Tel. (057) 7076-880, fax 7076-700,, e-mail:

Chairman of the Board

A.I. Stankevych

for "Centre for European Integration" Ltd.,
03056, Kiev, Politekhnichna str., 33, NTUU-KPI, building 2, off. 704
Tel./fax 241-6615,, e-mail: