URAN Network services

Main telecommunication services

Connection of users to the URAN Network is made only via fiber optic of copper dedicated lines. Dial-up access is not provided. URAN users are connected at the highest possible speed which is limited only by technical parameters of the data channel to the nearest available point of presence (PoP).

URAN Network operator is Subsidiary of the URAN Association URAN Network Operating Center (URAN NOC)

URAN Network has two functions. It is:

  • Corporative network which provides network services and connects institutions of science, education and culture in Ukraine and, by pan European research and academic network GÉANT, with research and academic institutions in Europe;
  • Internet access network which provides to URAN users traffic transfer of other ISP from one of URAN Internet gateways.

Connection of users to URAN Network realized through dark fiber Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN), which allows transmitting data with speed 100 - 1000 Mbps. If the user has several connections to URAN MAN in different city spots, using technical means of URAN Network they could be combined into one virtual local network (VLAN). Speed of data transmission in URAN MANs is not limited; services of data transmission is free of additional charge.

User charge for exploiting URAN Network and Internet access depends on the speed of data transmition:

Bit rate of the port,

Data rate, Mbps

User fees, UAH per month, VAT (20%) included

to / from all directions

and urban networks *)

to / from other networks of Internet
























11 460


14 796


19 800

*) between the local user ports in the city,
    to / from other URAN users in the city and other cites,
    to / from GÉANT network,
    in Kiev - to / from UA-IX networks,
    in other cities - to / from other urban networks via city exchange points or parity channels.

This User charge includes providing of 8 IP-addresses.

If URAN PoP is located directly in the users premises, the indicated price is final and the user does not incur additional costs. Otherwise the user for own costs should support the line to one of URAN PoPs. It could be fiber optical or copper dedicated line or leased from other ISP channel. The speed in MANs will be limited by the speed of this line. URAN NOC gives consultations to provide the optimal technical solution.

Another way of connection to URAN network for users is authorization on the Proxy-server. In this case the user should be connected to Internet through any other ISP and have static IP-address. This way is applied when there is no technical or economical possibility to provide a direct cabling or direct data channel to the user from one of URAN PoP. Obviously in this case the user should pay twice for the Internet connection - to the current ISP and to the URAN NOC. But there are some remote places in Ukraine where this way is only one economically reasonable for connection to the URAN network.

According to the Decision of the Board of URAN Association from 2 December 2014 the minimal capacity of services needed for making a contract with URAN NOC is corresponding to the monthly fee:

  • with one connection to the copper port - 600...650 UAH;
  • with one connection to the optical port:
    • for universities of the IVth accreditation level - 2100...2400 UAH;
    • for other research and academic institutions - 1200...1300 UAH;
  • with several connections and VLAN organization between them the minimal capacity of services increases depending on the type of port, starting from the second connection:
    • every additional copper port 600...650 UAH;
    • every additional optical port 1200...1300 UAH;
  • with authorization on URAN Proxy server - 600...650 UAH.

When the prices for URAN services reduce, URAN NOC increases services volume respectively, keeping the previously fixed User fees.

Loyalty program

URAN NOC provides bonuses in the form of extra 5% or 10% of current bandwidth for users who prolongs one-year or two-year Agreement respectively if the User fees according to the updated Agreement is higher than the one in the last signed Agreement.

Exemple of User Agreement

Agreement for Internet, URAN and GÉANT access and information and telecommunication services provision

According to the State Classifier of products and services DK 016-2010 (approved by the order of the State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy of 11 October, 2010 # 457) services of URAN Network are considered as telecommunication and information services, namely:

61.10.1   - Data and messages transmission
61.10.13 - Services of private networks for wired telecommunication systems
61.10.20 - Traffic conduction over wired networks
61.10.30 - Data transmission over wired networks
61.10.4   - Internet communication over wired networks
61.10.41 - Internet backbone service
61.10.42 - Provision of narrowband Internet access over wired networks
61.10.43 - Provision of wideband Internet access over wired networks
61.90.10 - Telecommunications services, other
63.11.2   - Forwarding of streaming video and audio content over Internet
63.11.21 - Forwarding of streaming video content over Internet
63.11.22 - Forwarding of streaming audio content over Internet

URAN Association does not provide telecommunication services with dealers but acts only on behalf of the URAN NOC.

At the same time the Association welcomes for collaboration other ISPs or telecommunication companies for implementation of joint projects.