Minister of Education of Ukraine

academician  M. Z. Zgurovsky

" 27 " __06__ 1997

President of NAS of Ukraine

academician  B. Ye. Paton

"27 " __06__1997


The general provisions

The Association of Users of the Ukrainian Academic and Research Data Network (UARDN),  further the Association, is the voluntary union of the universities and scientific institutes of the National Academy of sciences.

The Association was founded by the decision of the conference of representatives from universities and scientific institutes of the National Academy of sciences 27.04.97. This decision authorized by Minister of education and President of the National Academy of sciences.

Section 1. The main purposes and tasks of the Associations

1.1 The purpose of the Association creation is the development and introduction the coordinative and normative documents, which direct to the general project realisation of the Ministry of education and National Academy of sciences "The creation of the National telecommunication network of education and science establishments with Internet access", authorised on June 1996 and also similar projects and their introductions.

1.2 The main tasks of the Association are:

  • introduction the new computer telecommunication technologies to the educational and scientific establishments;
  • organisational support of the educational and scientific establishments for their maintenance by Internet services and new information technologies introduction;
  • expansion the contacts with foreign universities and leading scientific centres;
  • quest and introduction of target programs for the network development and the telecommunications means.

1.3 For the realisation of this tasks the telecommunication centres of three levels can be created:

  • main telecommunication Centre in Kiev (based on NTUU KPI);
  • regional Centres (on the first step - in Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Odessa, Donetsk based on technical universities);
  • district centres in other cities.

1.4 The Association acts how the public organisation. The Association is non-profit organisation.

1.5 Executive and coordinative functions concerning the Association tasks and decisions are assigned to the main, regional and district telecommunication Centres (further the Centres), which act according to the statutes. It is confirmed by the chairman of the General Council of the Association.

Section 2. The Members of the Association, their rights and duties

2.1 The Association units the Ukrainian educational and scientific establishments (and their branches), which are financed, as a rule, from the state budget.

2.2 The members of the Association can be only the legal persons. The Association membership does not change property rights and legal person rights of its members.

2.3 For joining the Association the chief of the educational or sciences establishment submits the application to the Association General Council and takes the decision execute obligations, which accepted by the Association and telecommunication Centres within their competence.

The structure of the Association is formed by the General Council and it is confirmed by the Assembly of the Association.

2.4 All organisations - members of the Association are obliged:

  • to execute the Statute and normative documents of the Association;
  • to provide financial settlements among their users and to pay the fees, according to the authorised rules and separate agreements, on the account of main or regional Centres.

2.5 Organisations - members of the Association have the rights:

  • prime participation in all projects and organisational measures, which are carried out by the Association and its’ Centres;
  • to receive the data links and use the components of the general telecommunication infrastructure according to the Association decisions, telecommunication Centres and separate agreements between organisations - members of the Association.

2.6 All financial operations and economic activity are carried out by main, regional and district telecommunication Centres according to their rights and responsibilities.

2.7 Budget of the Association consists of main, regional and district telecommunication Centres budget which is based on:

  • member fees;
  • means of the Association members, directed to the particular project realisations;
  • means of the investment funds, including the international programs funds.
Section 3. The Association administration

3.1 The Association administration is:

  • the General Assembly (conference) the Association members;
  • the General (Coordinative) Council of the Association, headed by the Chairman;
  • the Technical committee, which is formed by the General (Coordinative) Council.

3.2 Supreme bodies of the Association administration is the Assembly the representatives from the organisations - members of the Association.

The Assembly is convoked, as a rule, once a year.

The Assembly can be also held using the telecommunication means.

3.3 The order of the Assemblies and meetings of the General Council is regulated by special rules.

The decisions can also be accepted by means of interrogation, including the use of electronic mail.

3.4 To the exclusive competence of the Association Assembly refers:

  • the formation of the General Council;
  • the confirmation and modifying of the Statute and its rules;
  • the confirmation of the General Council decisions concerning the Association membership.

3.5 The decision of the current tasks of the Association activity is assigned on the Technical Committee, which is formed by General Council.

3.6 The decisions of the central administrative bodies are compulsory for all members of the Association.

Section 4. The completing of the Association activity

4.1 The General Council can make a decision concerning the ending of membership in the Association by 2/3 of votes for infringements of the Statute and normative documents of the Association, as well as for action, which have caused the harm to the Association or its members.

4.2 Association finishes its activity by joint decision of the Ministry of education and Presidium of the National Academy of sciences or by the decision of the Association Assembly.